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Ground Rules:

In service to the group’s mission, the following ground rules have been established:

1)  It’s all about the art.

The focus of the group will be on members’ art and encouraging the effectiveness of that art. Feedback, therefore, should be supportive and positive.  Our art may be about or include subjects that affect us in some emotional, political, religious, or other social aspect.  Our critiques should be objective and based on the art

2) The workshops, critiques and special events should not be a forum for political, religious, or social debates. 

While artist often express political, religious, or social views in their art, the group courts an attitude of tolerance and, therefore, any attitude expressed—verbally or in a member’s art—should not be a basis for criticism. Feedback should be focused on the effectiveness of members’ art itself, not agreement or disagreement of the subject matter. 

3)  Group members should be courteous, respectful, and collegial.  

Honest feedback offered will be offered in a spirit of respect and courtesy. Aggressive and/or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated, and the moderator reserves the right to censor and/or remove any member whose behavior or attitude is disruptive or lacks collegiality.

4) Group members should identify strengths and strategies by which the artist may improve the effectiveness of their art. 

The group’s mission is to and encourage release, hope, help and healing (R triple H) through Artistic Expression and creation and to provide a positive environment. To this end, therefore, members should focus on how best their fellow members can improve the effectiveness of their art.